Who We Are

Vuzo is a team of data scientists and marketing experts based in the UK. Since 2017 we’ve been creating big wins for our clients by applying our special set of eCommerce data tools. We work with our clients to leverage the potential of their data into clear marketing actions that drive up performance, delivering insights and actionable intelligence.

At Vuzo we foster a culture of collaboration and curiosity: always looking to develop our knowledge and help our clients. We work together to find fresh approaches to our clients’ challenges, and we value scientific data and facts above intuition.

Our Values


You shouldn’t need a PhD to read our reports! We distil and clarify our findings, making our communication crystal clear.


We’re committed to transparency, confidentiality and information security.


We’re in the business of democratising access to data: sharing our knowledge is a core part of our success.

Our Senior Team

Peter Biggs

Founder and CEO

Physicist and entrepreneur

Dr Fabio Veronesi

Senior Data Scientist

Experienced Data Scientist with skills in inferential statistics, spatio-temporal data analysis, SQL, machine learning, dashboard design, and GIS

Sanjay Patel

Consultant FD

An experienced portfolio FD with board and NxD positions in several UK retail and FS companies

Joe Baxter

Client Account Manager

A skilled account manager with experience in marketing and managing key accounts

Nicola Kettell

Strategy & Marketing Consultant

An experienced operations director and strategist with a history of helping drive growth for clients.

Dr. David Mawdsley

PhD in Physics and an MSc in Medical Statistics, he has experience with all stages in the analysis pipeline

Isabelle Tontchev

Data Scientist

A data scientist with a background in accounting, she specialises in NLP and neural networks

Dr Alastair Pickett

An accomplished Mathematician specialising in Statistics and Probability

Sascha Herpertz

Analytics Consultant

A Data Analyst with a strong background in helping online businesses gain access and insights into their data, with state-of-the art tracking and reporting

Professor David Redmond

Data Science Director

Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell. MSc in Mathematical Modelling & Scientific Computing, Oxford University. 1st Class Mathematics degree, Cambridge University.