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Our Culture and Values

The culture at Vuzo is collaborative and curious and values scientific data and facts above intuition.

The team comprises PhDs from Oxford, Cambridge, Cornell, Sussex and Wurzburg, specialising in Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics and Marketing.


All of our reports should make sense to a new starter at the client's company. This approach forces us to repeatedly distil, clarify and visualise our findings until the communication of value is crystal clear.


We're committed to transparency, confidentiality and information security


We believe an educated client is an empowered client. We're in the business of democratising access to data, and sharing our knowledge with teams of all backgrounds and levels of understanding is a core part of our success.

Current Opportunities at Vuzo

Salary: £40k-50k

Full package details provided below.


The Company

Vuzo is an ecommerce data science consultancy driven by a desire to be present and involved in the biggest transformation of this age: data-led decision making. Clients include Sony, Currys, Pets Corner and the Conran family. Our work includes discovering and visualising ecommerce trends, modelling, and open-ended research. When appropriate, we turn our models into SaaS applications.

We’re a small team of 10 but our work has big global impact and our clients trust us to take the initiative and find value in their data. If you’re looking for a new challenge with more autonomy and influence, this is a rare ground-floor opportunity at a profitable start-up.


The Role

Reporting to the Senior Data Scientist, you’ll be responsible for turning data into decisions that have a large impact on our clients’ businesses. You’ll draw insight and meaning from large transactional datasets (think: online shops), often using Vuzo’s IP to enrich these third party data such as ONS, CDRC, and our own proprietary data.

You’ll join calls and meetings with our clients to share insights and recommendations, and will collaborate with Account Managers to create a coherent delivery plan over time depending on client needs.

You’ll work within our documented processes for data security and GDPR compliance, and ethically, you’ll remember that asking “should we” is just as important as “can we”.


Your working day will include:


Scoping projects:

  • Proposing new measures and KPIs for clients
  • Development of product enhancements and new applications of our technology


Importing & cleansing data:

  • Crafting and running processes for data validation and QA
  • Discovering & analysing new datasets to drive improvements in Vuzo products
  • Restructuring client data according to a standard process


Running analyses:

  • EDA
  • Cluster analysis
  • Text processing
  • Predictive modelling


Reporting back insights:

  • Creating and deploying dashboards and data vis to help our clients understand the relationships in their data
  • Creating markdown reports that help clients better understand their own data and insights derived from it


Your Traits:

  • Curiosity and a willingness to learn is important. We want you to grow as the business grows
  • Determination, grit and stamina: building a start-up is exciting, challenging and rewarding
  • A self-starter who can move forward in the face of unknown unknowns and can help bring clarity and impact to projects
  • Independent problem-solving mindset, with an eye for detail and designing robust & tidy code and solutions
  • Precision in working practices
  • Happy to collaborate with other teams including less technical team members
  • A natural dedication to nurture, lead & inspire your team-mates to achieve their potential
  • A lifelong learner
  • Able to balance mathematical rigour with a practical mindset to solve real business challenges
  • Skilled at managing your time, balancing ad hoc requests from clients vs long term project goals


Skills & Experience

Essential skills:

  • Solid knowledge of R and Shiny
  • Thorough experience of data cleaning and initial handling of unfiltered/non machine readable datasets.
  • You’ll be highly numerate and analytical with a broad understanding of data science techniques and technologies, and the common sense to know when each of them should be applied.
  • 2+ years experience working in a Data Science/Data Analysis/statistics role in a commercial environment
  • Version Control
  • Analysis workflows (Notebooks, Drake etc)
  • AWS/S3
  • Statistical techniques (supervised/unsupervised learning, NLP, time series analysis, PCA, A/B tests, GLM, Bayesian Methods)
  • Familiarity with good coding practices
  • Comfortable explaining your analysis to a non-technical audience


Desirable Skills:

  • Experience working with eCommerce or marketing datasets
  • GIS data
  • Some SQL and Python is desirable.
  • Familiarity with unit testing
  • Working with APIs
  • Experience scraping data (Scrapy / beautifulsoup / rvest /selenium)
  • Experience with designing / architecting project workflows
  • Running automated jobs


The Package

Fully remote working. However, if we all decide to go back to an office one day, it will probably be in London, and you’re welcome to join us there (but only if you want to).

3% Company Pension Scheme Contribution

Bike to work scheme

28 days of holiday increasing with tenure

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