Vuzo boosts new product line sales by 57%

“We were really happy with the results, at the end of a 3-month campaign, we saw a 57% increase in sales of our new product range and 9% online sales lift across all our products. We look forward to working with Vuzo in the future.”

James Milbourne

Director, Canagan

Canagan, one of the UK’s leading independent pet food brands, came to Vuzo to help them increase sales of one of their newest product ranges.

The Challenge

Leveraging the power of digital marketing, Canagan wanted to build a highly strategic campaign that was focused on getting their new product in front of the most relevant audience, reduce media-spend waste as well as to raise overall awareness of the Canagan brand.

Our Approach

Vuzo’s team set to work analysing their historical online sales data to help identify the most relevant customer segments to target throughout the campaign. Vuzo designed a series of tests to measure the most effective combination of banner and video advertising when it came to securing customer conversions.

This approach enabled Vuzo to ensure Canagan’s campaign saw the maximum ROI.

Key outcomes:

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