Horkans Garden Centres

Unearthing valuable customer segments for Ireland's largest garden retailer

“Vuzo’s dashboards are first class”

John Horkan

CEO, Horkans

Horkans operate a network of 14 garden centres and pet stores and have worked hard to build the business over three generations into the tens of millions in annual revenue.

The Challenge

Their challenge has always been how to best anticipate and meet the customers needs as they change over the years, and across the seasons. The business wanted to understand new ways to react and stay profitable in a very competitive market, with disrupted supply chain and logistical issues.

They also urgently needed to improve digital marketing efficiency to free up cash to invest in customer acquisition.

Our Approach

Vuzo’s team helped them to explore their own ecommerce data, visualise new groups of gardening and pet customer segments, and design marketing campaigns to speak to their individual needs.

This careful analysis of their in-store transactions and ecommerce transactions led to a clear picture of online and offline customer behaviour. With our data expertise Horkans were able to match in-store and online transactions to individual customers for the first time ever.

We can proudly claim to have sold them out of bulbs within two weeks of starting the first campaigns.

Core digital marketing metrics of Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Click Through Rate (CTR) improved significantly after the segmentation was applied to PPC and Social Campaigns.

Key outcomes:

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