Pets Corner

Vuzo delivers a 170% ROI & drives a 2.2% increase in YoY sales

“The team at Vuzo have driven more than a 2% Year on Year increase in sales across our 152 UK stores this year. That's significant.”

Dean Richmond

CEO, Pets Corner

Alert to the changing needs of their customers, but unsure how best to meet that market, Pets Corner turned to their sales data to understand how to beat Amazon’s moves into the Pet sector.

The Challenge

Pets Corner, the UK’s 2nd biggest pet retailer, came to us with a challenge. Their 152 high street stores and flourishing eCommerce site were producing vast amounts of valuable transaction data. But they had no means of leveraging it into useful insight to drive profits.

Our Approach

Vuzo’s team used our patent-pending AI technology to enrich their existing data, and use it to build a new set of rules for customer acquisition marketing. Then using these rules, we built a marketing test programme which rolled out across their UK-wide store network, which culminated in delivering £1.7m in top line revenue lift across the test stores.

Their CEO Dean Richmond said, “I wanted to know how best to drive more new customers. I was sceptical of digital marketing being the answer and especially because we have, in the past, found it hard to measure which marketing methods have been successful. Without this, it was hard to know where we should invest further or reallocate spend away from campaigns that had little to no success.”

Vuzo’s team used Visualisations to help Pets Corner’s marketing team explore their eCommerce data and decide which customer metric presented the highest ROI opportunity.

Retention emerged as a strong candidate for optimisation and better process.

Vuzo’s team began work to:

  • Analyse Pets Corner’s vast transactional data set spanning decades
  • Isolate the true impact of marketing campaigns from the constant fluctuation of retail sales
  • Identify churning (leaving) customers early
  • Visualise the trends to engage store managers and bring out their ideas for improving sales

The in-house team was now able to identify lapsing customers with increased accuracy, resulting in Pets Corner retaining 18% of high value lapsing customers. This represented a 170% net ROI on the project with Vuzo.

Key outcomes:

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“Vuzo helps us make decisions faster and with more certainty. No longer do we face the situation where we tried something and we simply couldn’t tell the impact it had.”

Dean Richmond

CEO, Pets Corner