Sophie Conran

Vuzo boosts ROAS & delivers a 50% reduction in CPC

"Not only are Vuzo a delight to work with, they are delivering excellent data driven results across our online marketing"

Sophie Conran


Vuzo met the Sophie Conran team in 2019 in growth mode.

The ecommerce marketing team were going through all the excitement and challenges of a young brand with ambitious plans but tight budgets.

The Challenge

The team had hit the limit of the ROAS that their PPC campaigns could deliver in the competitive homewares space, and it wasn’t enough to support their business model and growth plans.

Our Approach

We coupled our expertise with eCommerce data, to re-build audience segments and change postcode targeting. This delivered a 50% reduction in CPC within 40 days of going live. This result re-balanced the ROAS equation for the marketing team, and freed up cash. The Marketing Manager decided to re-invest this cash into new advertising budgets, to aggressively increase market share in time for Christmas.

Crucially, because this market share was for among customer segments known to have high lifetime value, the gains were long term and the growth was sustainable.

Key outcomes:

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