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Our bespoke tools are uniquely placed to help our clients understand their data, implement recommendations, and quickly derive value


Our ReviewLab tool imports up to 50,000 of your product and service reviews from any of the major platforms.

No company has perfect reviews – but there is huge value in understanding what differentiates the 1 and 5 stars when it comes to your offering, your pricing, your delivery performance, customer service and even your returns policy. And by huge value we mean significant savings in ad budgets and improvements in ROAS, because now your PPC ad copy is bang on message, instead of hoping something sticks to the wall.

Learn what truly motivates your customers to buy from you vs your competitors –  the proof is in the numbers! Then allocate your PPC and Paid Social budgets with confidence and watch your CPCs go down while your Conversion Rate goes up.

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Blue Canary

In the stampede to get online post-Covid, site functions inevitably break, sometimes invisibly. BlueCanary is your 24/7 AI assistant spotting gaps and opportunities in your eCommerce site.

As an eCommerce manager you are too busy to keep on top of hundreds or thousands of SKUs, and what is happening on each product page. You might miss a rising product trend and only catch it once it’s passed, in the end of month report and you’re out of stock. You might miss someone’s blundering CMS edit that entered the wrong price, language or an upside-down photo – killing all sales of that item until you happen to spot it.

Imagine having a 24/7 alerting system that spots these and hundreds of other site opportunities and issues and alerts you to the ones that are going to have the biggest impact on your incremental sales revenue. Imagine no more – schedule a free demo today with one of Vuzo’s friendly experts.

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Are you already using Facebook or Google’s Lookalike audiences and Similar audiences? You’ll have noticed these audiences are shrinking in size while getting more expensive to bid on.

Don’t hand all the power to big tech – you can build your own Lookalikes (UK only) with Vuzo’s own GeoLogic tool. Discover postcodes with the highest converting customers and paste them into your campaigns within 10 minutes!

Having rolled this tool out on more than 150 client campaigns in the last 3 years, we are so confident you will have an immediate positive Google PPC ROI from these lookalikes that we guarantee improved ROI or we’ll give you a full refund.

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