Data science for the consulting industry

Written by Nikki Kettell

Management Consultants / Accountants / Professional Service Providers / Agencies


With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), consultants and the wider professional services industry need to keep on top of the latest developments to stay relevant to the changing demands of their clients.

Client awareness of AI and ML has increased significantly, meaning that to add value, you now need an understanding of the clear advantages of applied data science, the tools available, their relative application and, of course, the resulting impact: standalone AI may not necessarily be appropriate.

Vuzo is aware that it’s unrealistic for all the consulting and professional services industry to become expert in data science. We have therefore put together an essential selection of tools and services specifically to support consultants, accountants, and agencies. The aim is to not only deliver significant benefit to your clients, but also provide you with a useful awareness of some of the latest developments. Having Vuzo in your back pocket will enable you to deliver true value-add contribution to your clients in this ever more necessary field.

Techniques previously only available to the likes of Google, Facebook, IBM etc are now accessible to benefit the majority of businesses. Simply relying on Google Analytics and the like is no longer sufficient. It is important to bring the competitive potential of the latest developments to your clients.

Whether you are already very familiar with AI/ML, or simply want to bring the benefits of these latest data science developments to your clients, we are happy to help.

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