Going back to school

Written by Harriet

I was recently invited back by my old school, The Grey Coat Hospital, to talk in front of their prospective A Level students about how the subjects I chose to study in higher education had influenced my career.

After the talk, there was a chance to mingle with the students and I was particularly impressed by how many of the young women I spoke with were pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects.

When I asked them what it was that had influenced that decision, the unanimous response was their teachers and their ability to bring those subjects to life.

This struck a chord, as at Vuzo, one of our core principles is education. We understand that data science is not everyone’s cup of tea, so are committed to giving our clients the tools and the understanding to engage with as well as implement the valuable insights our data analysis provides.

This commitment is not only for our clients but also for employees. As a History graduate, working in data science was not the most obvious career path. But, since joining, I have learnt that with the right explanation and an open mind, understanding how things like predictive modelling or k-means clustering work and crucially how it can benefit a business, is within anyone’s reach.

Data science holds the key to unlocking immeasurable value for companies but it can feel intangible. At Vuzo, we strive to make the intangible, tangible, through our analysis and bring our clients along this journey with us, helping them implement data-driven strategies that garner real results.

And I hope that in the future, Vuzo gets the chance to hire a Grey Coat Hospital alumni as a data scientist!

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