Data powered PPC is the new standard

Written by Harriet

One thing paid search is not short on is data. Google, Microsoft and the rest are really good at providing you with numbers for everything from how often your ads are seen to what percentage of the time your ads occupied different page locations. Currently there are over 70 metrics available in Google Ads and these can all be segmented by time, location, gender, age, device and any combination of these.

The sheer volume is daunting and that is before you start trying to make sense of it and turn it into useful insights. Even a simple thing like comparing different attribution models can change the outlook of your campaigns performances massively.

Without the ability to analyse this array of information quickly and accurately it is hard to optimise PPC efficiently and make the right decisions on where to spend your money. This is why a data-driven approach to PPC is absolutely essential to maximise your returns.

Just like with SEO, paid search does not end with the click. On page UX and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) are vital. Lots of traffic but no leads? Data science can help you work out why? We can analyse page interactions or where people drop off and use these insights to improve the customer journey once they land on site.

Here at Vuzo we also know how to use your own data to help fully tell the story of how your paid search is working. For example, 70% of mobile users who buy in store have recently searched for info on that purchase online first (Google 2018). This is not shown in the relevant interfaces so your ads may be driving more benefit than you realise by affecting footfall. By analysing your own epos data and combining it with the channels own numbers we can help you realise exactly what your ad activity is bringing to your business

When you combine all the different areas above where data analysis not only helps, but is vital to, the performance of your paid campaigns you can start to see the value in a data-driven approach.


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