Join Our Webinar: Using Review Data to Boost your Marketing

Written by Nikki Kettell

Join us in the first of new webinar series on Tuesday 8th November, when our founder, Peter Biggs will share how eCommerce retailers can use their customer review data to improve marketing performance, save money, and boost ROAS!

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As many customers guard their discretionary spend until economic confidence returns, eCommerce marketing teams must use data to focus marketing efforts where high returns are still guaranteed.

Using real life examples and case studies, we will share tips, tricks and resources, so you come away with practical next steps to drive up your return on ad spend (ROAS) from PPC and Paid Social. At this lunch and learn webinar, you’ll find out how exactly this works and come away with clear next steps to implement a data-led strategies directly into your PPC and SEO campaigns in time for Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

We look forward to welcoming you to this information-packed webinar! 

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