Make your review data work for you


ReviewLab is the powerful tool that leverages your customer review data and finds insights to drive your marketing.

How ReviewLab can transform your marketing

Up to 5% increase in CTR

Our results also show an increase in revenue for our ReviewLab clients

-10-20% decrease in CPC

And an associated increase in ROAS

15-20% increase in CR

Plus a significant increase in overall conversions

ReviewLab is the key to data driven marketing

eCommerce marketers are facing an increasingly challenging market, with SEO traffic down YoY and strong competition on all fronts.

As many customers guard their discretionary spend until economic confidence returns, eCommerce marketing teams must use data to focus marketing efforts where high returns are still guaranteed.

When businesses implement data-led strategies directly into their PPC and SEO campaigns, they are de-risking the decision making process. Our clients see clear results quickly, and can make tangible strides against the competition.

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