Supporting entrepreneurship

Written by David

The Prince’s Trust has supported 80,000 new businesses since it was launched in 1976. It provides training, mentorship and funding for young people in the UK who want to skill-up, enter employment, or start their own business.

At Vuzo we’ve been actively engaged in supporting the Prince’s Trust for many years. Specifically, we participate in the Enterprise Mentorship Scheme, offering practical advice, encouragement and guidance in the formative months of a young person’s digital business, while helping them build skills and broaden their network.

We believe it’s essential to develop new talent in the UK to build strong capability for the digital and data revolution which is upon us. Innovation in the digital space is only possible when new ideas are given room to grow and reach their potential.

If you’d like to contribute in a meaningful way with your skills and experience, or for information on contributing to the programme, contact your nearest area manager here

It could be the most rewarding thing you do this year!

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