Top SEO Marketing Challenges & How To Overcome Them

Written by Nikki Kettell

Whether you’re Head of Marketing, ECommerce Manager, or Acquisition Lead, anyone in charge of more than one marketing channel has a lot of plates to keep spinning, a lot of data to keep track of and, more importantly, a lot of targets that must be met. 

We talk to lots of marketing heads and typically find they fall into one of two buckets: 

  1. They know their stuff; they can optimise a PPC campaign in their sleep, they fix 404s for fun and Google Analytics is their most visited site. Unfortunately, time doesn’t allow them to be so hands on anymore. Between reading reports, actioning recommendations, keeping on top of all the HR that goes with any job and putting out at least half a dozen fires a day, being as hands on as they’d like just isn’t practical. 
  2. They’re a data whizz, and many years ago they started out writing copy or optimising campaigns, but these days they’re paid for their ability to manage strategies overarching campaigns. One glance at a report and they can see instantly where their CPA is too high, where budget reallocation needs to happen and already have a good handle on what next quarter or even next year’s challenges are going to be. Like those in the first category, their only challenge is time: too much data, and not enough time for action. 

If either of these sounds like you, the good news is that there’s one very easy solution (at least in our experience)! That is, making sure the data is gathered correctly in the first place, and analysed for key insight, and  then presented in a clear and concise manner. Here at Vuzo we: 

  • Make sure the data is coming through accurately, no matter the source;
  • Make sure the data coming through is the right data, and actually deriving actionable insight;
  • Make sure the data coming through is presented in a way that it doesn’t need lots of time to interpret, extract relevant points, and present for senior or business wide buy in.

The problem with traditional data analytics agencies is that many don’t start with the right set of data. Obviously, your web analytics data can be invaluable (assuming it’s set up correctly to begin with), but it isn’t the be all and end all. Even a full-service digital agency will sometimes have an unconscious bias towards their own channel services. 

Click here to download our Handy Vuzo Guide to Top Marketing Challenges & How To Overcome Them. In this useful little guide, we answer some of the more common digital marketing questions we have come across, including:

How Do You Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR)?

  • Are you optimising/ranking for the wrong keywords?
  • Are your organic listings displaying properly?

How Do You Improve Your SEO Conversion Rate (CV)?

  • Choosing The Right SEO Keywords
  • Improve Conversion Rate By Ensuring Users Are Landing On The Right Page

Why Is Google Ranking The Wrong URL? 

  • Does The Right URL Exist? 

What are the next steps for Conversion Optimisation?

Click here to download our ‘Handy Vuzo Guide to Top SEO Marketing Challenges & How To Overcome Them', where we dig into the detail and answer your most-asked questions.

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