Vuzo Webinar: Using Review Data to Boost your Marketing


In case you missed it, we are delighted to share the recording from our webinar looking at how you can use your review data to make a tangible impact on your marketing efforts.

eCommerce marketers tell us their top 3 problems in the next few months will be:

  1. How to keep PPC ROAS high in the face of strong competitors
  2. YoY SEO traffic being down
  3. Uncertainty on best strategy for BFCM/January promotions

In this webinar, Vuzo’s team of friendly experts show real examples and case studies of how easy it is to use your review data plus some simple tools, to solve all three problems.

As many customers guard their discretionary spend until economic confidence returns, eCommerce marketing teams must use data to focus marketing efforts where high returns are still guaranteed. At this lunch and learn webinar, you’ll find out how exactly this works and come away with clear next steps to implement a data-led strategies directly into your PPC and SEO campaigns in time for upcoming sales periods.

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