Vuzo Webinar: Open Data - The Opportunities for Construction, Property Development & Real Estate

In case you missed it, we are pleased to share the recording from our recent webinar looking at how open data sources can be used to enrich first party data in Construction, Real Estate & Property Development, to increase ROI and decrease uncertainty in key decision-making.

In the current climate, construction and property businesses are facing some tough challenges. With the rising cost of living, market signs of recession and its subsequent impact on house prices and general property investment, consumer confidence is low.

However, Property Developers, Construction, and housebuilders have a wealth of first-part data at their fingertips, which when un-siloed can uncover some of the most valuable insights to help meet and crucially overcome current market challenges.

In this short session, we look at how the industry can use this enriched data to drive decision making and decrease uncertainty.

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