What data and marketing trends might we see in 2023?

Written by Nikki Kettell

2022 was a year of updates, privacy changes and slowly dying cookies. So, faced with a challenging economic climate, what trends might we see in 2023? We’ve asked our in house team of experts to come up with some predictions:


With all the changes Google has been rolling out, SEO is now more important than ever, and about much more than answering simple search queries. Recent data shows that 88% of marketers with an SEO strategy will increase or maintain their investment in 2023, and this is definitely a trend we can get behind! By investing in your SEO strategy and making sure you are reviewing and reporting regularly, eCommerce retailers can maximise returns in both the long- and short-term.

Email Marketing

No, we’re not suggesting it is a new invention, but with the privacy changes, and the challenging economic climate, building and engaging with a loyal client base will be more important than ever. Email marketing is a great way to speak directly to customers, and useful for eCommerce businesses when it comes to data. Making sure your email lists are as complete as possible will be important, as well as using it to better segment and target customers.

Even More Socials

It’s by no means a new phenomenon, and Social Media currently makes up 33% of all digital ad spending. Interestingly, it is projected to increase in 2023, so marketers will be looking for ways to make the most of their budgets and get results with their social spends.

So, what have all these trends got in common? You guessed it…First Party Data! 

With the changes to tracking, marketers are needing to look to different ways to track their marketing efforts. It’s a drum we’ve been banging throughout 2022, and it is going nowhere in the year to come. If eCommerce marketers want to make sure their advertising efforts can be supported in the long run, customer data needs to be front and centre, whether it is email lists, social media or even offline channels. 

At Vuzo we have a range of tools that can help make the most of your existing data and even build it out to better target new potential customers. We’ll be offering some amazing introductory offers in the new year, so keep your eyes peeled, and get in touch!

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