Consolidated data, with easy-to-use dashboards

The lifestyle goods and homeware retailer saw a boom in online sales during the pandemic, and needed to better understand what could be learnt from their data.

The Challenge

With a flurry of new customers arriving during Covid, Cuckooland’s senior management team found themselves awash in data, but when it came to using this for decision-making, they needed some support.  

When planning and allocating budgets across their 2021 growth initiatives, the team wanted to compare these initiatives in terms of revenue potential to make informed decisions.

Our Approach

Vuzo’s team helped Cuckooland explore their own eCommerce data and decide which customer metric presented the highest ROI opportunity. Vuzo drove optimisation in several key areas, including:

  • Returns  – optimising marketing spend away from customers with a higher propensity to return, e.g. younger and from dense urban areas.
  • AOV – sizing the opportunity for increasing upsell for pairs of items and accessories in the checkout process.
  • Loyalty – how to quickly prioritise customers in the loyalty scheme before they had slowly accrued enough purchases to move into the top spend tier.

By exploring their Google Ads, Google Analytics, and eCommerce databases (customers, transactions and inventory) Vuzo was able to quickly produce a series of dashboards that highlighted all the key customer metrics such as Lifetime Value (LTV), Average Order Value (AOV), Returns %, Repeat order %, as well as mapping their locations across the UK and Europe.

Now the Cuckooland leadership team are able to focus their energy and budget on growth initiatives with the best ROI and the quickest turnaround.

Key outcomes:

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