Vuzo helps reduce bounce rate by up to 66%

As the biggest electronics retailer in the UK, Currys has a significant SEO footprint which is a major driver of sales.

The challenges of managing customised product descriptions across a huge inventory of 10,000+ products are enormous.

The Challenge

With limited copywriter resources, Currys wanted to understand how they could prioritise copy edits and text optimisation across this vast product set in order to maximise visitor engagement and time spent on the site. 

Our Approach

By exploring the Curry’s Adobe Analytics data, and visualising the on-page trends, it became apparent to Vuzo’s team that bounce rates were highest where the reading age of the product descriptions was highest. That is, long words and long complex sentences were in general off-putting to customers browsing the site. Not only that, but where reading age was high compared to the same product listing on other electronics websites and aggregators, the bounce rate was even higher.

Vuzo’s suite of text analysis tools revealed the products that had the greatest chance of increasing sales, for the least investment in copywriting effort. This report allowed eCommerce managers and SEO teams to maximise ROI and demonstrate significant improvements to bounce rate for products that were edited to reduce the reading age. On average these improvements succeeded in reducing bounce rate to a third of its previous level.

Feedback from Dixons Carphone’s senior management team at the HBR was that this workstream had landed “incredibly well”.

Key outcomes:

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